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Ed Morrow, Chairman and CEO

Ed Morrow, Chairman and CEO of Financial Planning Consultants. Designer of Practice Builder a  client relationship management software used by over 3,000 advisors. 

Ed Morrow entered financial services in 1963 and founded Financial Planning Consultants, based in Middletown, Ohio in 1969 to provide comprehensive planning services to business owners and executives. He has been an active participant in nearly all of the professional organization in the financial services industry.

He started using computers in his practice in 1970, and lectured across the U.S. on the use of computers in financial services during the seventies and eighties. Author of seven software programs, he is a consultant to financial advisors, insurance companies and broker/dealers in the areas of practice management and computerization.

He has lectured on financial planning, practice management and marketing in Britain, Canada, Australia, Malaysia, China, Taiwan, Singapore, Hong Kong and Philippines, and has been responsible for getting many financial planning courses established in Asian countries.

Ed is a frequent speaker and writer on practice management and technology for such organizations as the FPA, MDRT, and NAIFA. He has published over 500 professional articles and three books: Computerizing your Financial Planning Practice, The Complete Millennium Preparation Guide and Personal Coaching for Financial Advisors. Designations: CLU, ChFC.


email:  Charlotte Isbell, Director of Sales

Charlotte Isbell, Operations / Sales and Marketing for Practice Builder and Plan Builder. Her responsibilities include working with financial advisors to review the program and implement it into their practice, assisting with the developing and testing of the software, overseeing the marketing efforts, assisting in the shipping department.

Charlotte resides in Middletown with her husband David and their three children and grandchildren.  She loves doing things with her husband and children and meeting new acquaintances.

email:  Randy Kriner, Support Specialist

Randy Kriner, Support Specialist

has over 20 years experience with computers, including hardware and software support.  After working for several companies, he began performing Builder Suite Support.  To our advantage Randy joined our team earlier in the spring of 2007.

Randy is a life time resident of Middletown, Ohio.


email:  Wendy Kennedy, Administrative AssistantWendy Kennedy, Administrative Assistant to Ed Morrow has provided assistance to Ed since 1998.  Along with her duties of keying in articles, filing, scheduling travel and keeping up with the projects of one of the most creative financial advisors of the time. Wendy provides support to the FPC daily operations.  She lends a unique perspective to the development of marketing materials and works as the webmaster to FPC's web site.

Since the relocation of the International Association of Registered Financial Consultants in 1999 Wendy has supported the association with secretarial and editorial assistance. Her current title for at the IARFC is Coordinating Editor of the magazine the Register. You can also find her working with speaker and developing marketing materials for the member events or CE@SEA™ as well as working on the IARFC Website.

email:  David A. M. Stitt, CEO of Plan Builder - EnterActDavid A. M. Stitt is  a veteran in the financial planning industry. He was part of the development team in the early 1980s for the ProPlan comprehensive software.

David's relationship with the EnterAct software program dates back to 1997 with Successful Money Management Systems, the original owner/developer of the program called LifeGoals. David joined other SMMS executives to establish, which assumed ownership of the program, and renamed it LGX. While at, David was the Director of Financial Planning and supervised the development, training, and support of the software. The accounting publisher, CCH acquired the software from and hired David to continue its development. When EnterAct was acquired from CCH David is now continuing on the front-line with customer support, development and training.  The program is now known as Plan Builder, powered by LGX, Lifegoals, Crystal Ball and featuring CCH tax calculation.  Designations: CLU, ChFC, CEP, CRFA, CFP®, RFC®.


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