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Interactive Data Gathering Program


Provide a cutting edge tool to your clients for data entry!  Financial

Notebook allows your clients to install a fully interactive, data gathering software program on their own personal PC.  Then, in the convenience and privacy of their home, compile data necessary for your financial analysis and planning


No more lugging records into your office, no more data entry for you or your office staff.  Your client can enter data 24/7, day or night—no need to wait for an appointment or office time.  Issues or questions can be entered along with the data and there is a choice of entry formats.  Clients choose either Form Entry or Interactive Prompts.  When complete, a safe, secure, encrypted file can be saved to a disk or simply e-mailed directly to your office where transfer to PlanBuilder software is a matter of only a few mouse clicks. 



These mass produced CDs now available from Financial Planning Consultants are fully customized for your firm, personalized and labeled - ready to hand to your clients or prospects.  Make them available at seminars, provide them as part of your drip marketing, or provide them one at a time upon signing a planning agreement.  Use of Financial Notebook and these Custom CDs cements your advanced professional image, improves your efficiency and is appreciated by clients.

Custom Financial Notebook CDs                    

Set-up                 $125.00

Each CD                    0.75

Name Brand CDs—Guaranteed Quality—Custom Label    

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