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Plan Builder - Interactive, Real-time, Personal Financial Planning System

The traditional approach to presenting a financial plan involves inputting data, analyzing reports and preparing a printed report for presentation to the client.  Most software programs also provide colorful graphs and charts to accompany the text and numbers because a picture is worth a thousand words. With Plan Builder you can take it to the next level, getting the client involved in a moving picture. Plan Builder was designed to be used effectively with the client viewing it at the same time and interacting with you and the software to solve their problems.

With Plan Builder you can let clients see in real-time the answers to their “what-if” questions. This means you can motivate them to take action today.  No longer will you need to set a later appointment after you have had time to “re-run the numbers” at which time you will need to spend time getting them re-energized to solve their problem(s). With Plan Builder you can be more productive and serve your clientele more efficiently.




Plan Builder helps you develop comprehensive financial plans, quickly and easily. Create unlimited "what-if" scenarios - including Monte Carlo simulations - then illustrate your plans in real time with colorful charts and graphs. Plan Builder's compelling, easy-to-understand presentation helps your clients see the wisdom of your plans immediately.  FINRA reviewed


Requires Plan Builder

A revolutionary, new data-gathering add-on for Plan Builder.  Clients fill in their own data electronically, reducing tedious data entry on your part. Helpful prompts yield more accurate information, so you spend more quality time with your clients.


Complete PlanBuilder with Notebook



Plan Builder Subscription

The Plan Builder Subscription extends the software license and enables all software enhancements, toll-free customer support and updates for 12 months and is billed annually on the license anniversary.

This amount is built in to the monthly subscription costs for those participating in that payment plan.



Custom Financial Notebook CDs

Set-up  $125

CD $ .75 ea

These mass produced CDs now available from Financial Planning Consultants are fully customized for your firm, personalized and labeled - ready to hand to your clients or prospects.  Make them available at Seminars, provide them as part of your drip marketing, or provide them one at a time upon signing a planning agreement.  Use of Financial Notebook and these Custom CDs cements your advanced professional image, improves your efficiency and is appreciated by clients.

Name Brand CDs—Guaranteed Quality—Custom Label   

Custom Sample Plan

Complete with index tab dividers, comprehensive printed reports (100 pages) Consolidation Case. Completely customized with your name and firm information Deluxe Binder and Sample Plan Documentation.  

Deluxe Binder

Dark Blue 1" Gold D-Ring Financial Plan Binder

Embossed with the RFC Logo                       

Plain Blue Binder                                        





Avery Dividers

Translucent Tab Set - Available in 12 tab sections to accomodate your plans



Plan Builder User's Guide


Reports and Exhibits and Descriptions

Taxes, Shipping & Handling are additionally charged at purchase.


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