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What are the system requirements?  What computer features are required to run the Practice Builder Financial?

The minimum system requirements are a 2 GHz CPU running Windows XP with service pack 3 or newer operating system; 2 GHz of free hard disk space; and 2 GHz of RAM.  Additionally, you must have Microsoft Word 2003 or newer.  Microsoft Access and Excel will be helpful, but are not required to operate Practice Builder.

Is Practice Builder Financial a database program?

At its foundation, Practice Builder Financial contains interrelated databases.  First is the contact manager data: all the clients, prospects, spouses, children, professional advisors and third party service vendors and institutions.  Then there is the text database that includes assumptions, objectives, letters, agendas, checklist and articles – more than 4,000 pages of text in the basic system, 5,000 total.  The system makes all of this information and material easy to find and use.  Information is only a click or two away whenever you need it.

Can I use Practice Builder Financial on a computer network?

Network versions of Practice Builder are available for up to 15 simultaneous users on a Novell, Windows NT, or peer-to-peer network.  See the Practice Builder order form for pricing.  The network version recognizes the separate users and assigns a unique signature block for letters and initials for notes.  The single user version can be installed on a small network; however, it simply cannot distinguish separate users.  Single user versions may be upgraded for full network capabilities.


Can I copy the single user version to my laptop as well?

The Practice Builder Single User license allows for two installations (but only one user) for just this situation.  You may want to have the working version at the office but have Practice Builder also installed on your laptop or home computer for reference.  Because the data files are not automatically shared in this installation you must exercise caution.  To synchronize all your contact data you would simply copy two files from your primary (office) unit to the secondary unit (laptop or home).  You could do this with a USB drive, a CD-ROM, e-mail or by using our optional Sync Module to synchronize with Microsoft Outlook that will synchronize with your Personal Digital Assistant (PDA).   

Will Practice Builder Financial do financial calculations?

Practice Builder is not a financial calculator.  However, you may export client data to another program to avoid re-entry, and perform other manipulations, i.e. plan calculations.  Plan Builder - financial planning software helps you develop comprehensive financial plans, quickly and easily. Create unlimited "what-if" scenarios - including Monte Carlo simulations - then illustrate your plans with colorful charts and graphs. In real time. Plan Builder's compelling, easy-to-understand presentation helps your clients see the wisdom of your plans immediately.  FINRA reviewed

Is Practice Builder Financial a Contact Manager?

Yes! Practice Builder is a contact manager and more.  In addition to the extensive information stored on your contacts, prospects, and customers, there is a comprehensive library of financial text and marketing letters that are easily accessed.  Practice Builder indicates the relationships between clients and their other advisors, and can automatically generate correspondence copies for them.

Using the optional Marketing Module, all your contacts can be addressed with information from the library at a frequency and sequence that you determine. Seven different campaigns are pre-designed and included. 

What does it mean – CRM for Financial Advisors?

Client Relationship Management (CRM) is a term that is now gathering serious attention from attorneys, accountants, local and national merchants, bankers and financial advisors.  CRM employs modern technology to strengthen the client/customer relationship on a cost effective basis.  CRM can have a dramatic impact on your future income.

Practice Builder allows you to define important characteristics that classify your clients and prospects and then implement Action Plans (Marketing Sequences) that target the segments appropriately.  You may customize the Client Key Codes to indicate occupations, products and services owned or needed, fee paying status and/or profitability expectation (A, B, C, etc.).  

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Are there annual charges?  What is included?

The license and use agreement for Practice Builder Financial requires that you maintain your software by updating annually.  The annual charge for a single user system is $350 (Network support ranges from $360 to $645).  This maintenance includes technical support available by e-mail, phone or website, program modifications and enhancements, text maintenance, annual text update, and the mid-year and year-end planning memo releases.  Your original purchase of Practice Builder includes all of the above support until June of the year following your purchase.

Can I try before I buy?  Is there a demonstration version?

The Practice Builder Financial Preview Edition is available for a nominal charge ($30). This limited installation of Practice Builder will allow you to examine first hand the program functionality and scope.

You can experience the ease of operation, the detail with which you may define your clients and prospects, the extensive practice management tools, protective due diligence record procedures and the automated marketing system.

The full Practice Builder contains a wealth of material, more than 1,200 items and over 4,000 pages.  The Preview Edition provides just a handful of these text files that you may preview, edit, or print, to get an idea how Practice Builder integrates with the full power of Microsoft Word.  The titles of all the other letters, agendas and articles are shown (indicated by strike through) but the full text awaits your purchase of the complete version.  Purchase the full system within 30 days and the $30 will be credited against the purchase price.

Or attend a free, fully interactive demonstration of Practice Builder Financial over the Internet.  See the strategies and effective tools that our client relationship management system offers you for meeting the challenges faced in daily operations.  To schedule your live, online demo or for more information call Charlotte Isbell at 800 325 5540 ext. 305  

Is there a Calendar or a ToDo system for tasks and reminders?

Practice Builder includes a ToDo system with a calendar that allows you to set appointments and link them to clients or prospects.  Reminders will pop up automatically if desired.  Whenever you add comments to the Client Memo, a corresponding Appointment, Task, or both Appointment and Task, can be scheduled.


How will Practice Builder Financial interface with my other software?  What about my Palm Pilot or PDA?

The optional Microsoft Outlook Synchronization Module allows for complete (both directions) synchronization with Practice Builder Financial.  Through this interface you may then move client/prospect contact information to your Palm Pilot or other PDA and take it wherever you go.

How will Practice Builder Financial help me with regulatory or legal action?

Only your best practices will ultimately protect you, and Practice Builder Financial can improve your practice techniques and records.  Each telephone call, note, e-mail, letter or planning task – like all actions performed in Practice Builder – is recorded for an audit trail that can prove invaluable at some later date.  

Historically, when financial advisors have been challenged, it has been difficult to verify what had been discussed and agreed.  The Practice Builder Objectives, Assumptions and Investment Attitudes provide for a client sign-off.  The Implementation Checklist and the Practice Builder text Risk Management Memo help focus the client on all shortcomings, your recommendations and provide a record of your comprehensive service.

Can I edit the material in Practice Builder?  What about adding my own stuff?

Practice Builder makes it easy to edit documents for one contact or permanently for all contacts.  You will probably want to make changes to some of the letters to reflect your own personality and particular style.  Adding your own documents is easy, too.  You will find the organized storage, indexing, and built-in topic and word search routine, will help you retrieve it later when you need it.


Can I download information from investment firms, brokerages, etc.?

Practice Builder is not a portfolio manager or financial calculator and there are no provisions for downloads.  However, Practice Builder does store client account numbers for easy cross-reference.

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Can I import names?  What about exports?

Practice Builder Financial allows for easy import\export of names and contact information from a comma delimited file (*.CSV).  A map of the fields and instructions for import are included with the system.  The Import/Export Wizard allows you to match up data fields between programs and store the relationship for repeated use.


Can I import prospect lists?

Yes!  Many Practice Builder users purchase (from FPC or elsewhere) lists of semi-qualified prospects.  These may be categorized by age, income, occupation, net worth, location, etc.  When imported into Practice Builder, the automatic drip marketing can be triggered to start a specified number every week to space out mailings and phone calls.

Can I record notes about the client?

There is a memo section for recording notes, remarks or comments.  For audit purposes, these entries may not be changed later.  They are automatically dated and initialed for you.

You may also use the pre-formatted Interview Notes that are automatically filed as additional records of your client service.

What additional capabilities are added with the optional Marketing Module?

The Marketing Module allows you to leverage the power and depth of your Practice Builder Financial to automatically send letters and articles to your clients and prospects at the frequency and interval that you select.  You may assign a contact to one of seven pre-designed campaign sequences and your computer will do the rest.  Once a week, you will be prompted to, “Run Marketing”.  At that time the system will generate the letters and articles for each contact according to the sequence assigned.

At scheduled intervals the Practice Builder Marketing Module will print a phone script with full contact information and a history of prior mailings to stimulate conversation.  These calls can be placed by the advisor or by a staff member.

Automatically and efficiently you will “drip market” to all those contacts you choose.  Personal and valuable information received will insure “top of mind awareness” that will enable you to turn prospects into clients, retain all your existing clients and gain referrals.


Can I edit or change the sequences within the optional Marketing Module?

Each of the sequences provided in the Practice Builder Marketing Module can be easily customized for your purposes.  For example, you may want to add a mailing for an effective brochure that you already are using or you may want to set the frequency of mailing higher or lower.  You can even design and implement your own original sequence.  Perhaps you want to send information regarding a special offer to a particular segment of your prospects – it’s easy and efficient with Practice Builder and the Marketing Module.


What sequences come with the optional Marketing Module?

There are nine pre-written and time tested sequences included with your purchase of Practice Builder with the Marketing Module:


Individual Prospects

Ongoing Planning Client

Business/Professional Prospects

Product Only Client

Center of Influence/Media


Estate Planning Business Owner Consulting

Initial Planning Client






Each sequence is comprised of letters and articles specifically designed to be of interest and value to a particular segment.  Perhaps more importantly, each sequence will reliably generate frequent, personal, valuable contact with the goal of cementing your name and position as the professional financial advisor of first choice.


Are Enhancements Planned for Practice Builder? 

Yes. The program is under constant programming to add new features, to respond to user requests for operational improvements, and to revise and add text copy.  Mid-year additions may be downloaded from our website, and the major release of new features and text is in late spring of every year.

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