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The Client Relationship Management (CRM) system for today’s financial advisor.  Many professionals tend to devote more time, energy and money than they should in a constant effort to improve their practice.  Imagine how much easier this task would be if you had an opportunity to "pick the brains" of some of the outstanding leaders in the financial services industry?  What if you could spend an entire day with the pioneers in the field of financial planning, asking all your questions about managing a successful practice?  How would you feel if after the meeting, these professionals offered to provide you with all of their own time-tested materials?

Practice Builder Financial is a complete CRM system.  It is designed to carry you from your first reference to a prospect, through the introduction and planning process, to a permanent, continued relationship thereafter.

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Contact Manager – You might already use Act or Outlook.  The difference is that Practice Builder as a software tool customized for financial professionals.   A fully interrelated data base stores extensive information on your clients and prospects:  all contact data, personal profile, preferences, spouse, children, professional advisors, third party vendors, institutions, account values and more.

Financial Planning Tools - Using the Master Checklist of personal financial planning techniques, you may select those applicable for your client, make easy edit or additions, and assemble a powerful report to stimulate client action.  Checklists simplify client plan monitoring and implementation.  For each type of client meeting Practice Builder provides an easily edited Meeting Agenda which is matched up with pre-formatted Interview Notes to be easily edited for every individual client, prospect, business owner and group presentation.  These create a powerful first impression, and are an excellent due diligence record of all client communications.

Special features enable you to assemble the client's significant Personal Objectives, prepare a summary of the Critical Assumptions and Investment Attitudes to be used in preparing the client's plan.  Confirmation by the client of these three pages assures that the client makes the right choices and decisions - all prompted for you by the text within Practice Builder.

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Practice Management Tools - You will build a solid foundation for financial planning – enhancing the day to day activities for running your practice by increasing the frequency of client communications.  Practice Builder incorporates a Comprehensive ToDo System, Task Management, Appointment Calendar and Mailing History.

Because good clients deserve excellent service, Practice Builder contains a substantial variety of Service Letters, which you may supplement with your own favorites.  These link to the contact information for third-party vendors and other professional advisors - to automate your service correspondence; copies to your clients and other advisors can be automatic.

Keeping Good Records is the key to reducing professional liability, so Practice Builder includes a procedure for time-stamped Custom Notes plus Auto-Filing of all Correspondence, and Prompting for critical tasks.  Due diligence and Liability protection system automated for your professional operations.  It will help manage Appointments and Tasks for an entire staff and remind whenever an important event is approaching.  There are also valuable marketing and management spreadsheets and reports.

Resource Library - Within the Practice Builder is a mature library of resource material available at the click of a mouse.  Preformatted letters will provide nearly all of your correspondence with prospects, clients, businesses, third party vendors and other professional advisors.  You can swiftly edit these letters to conform to your own preferences and style, and naturally you may add your current letters to the system, all easily indexed for retrieval and use.

Over 1,000 Consumer and Advisor Focused Articles on financial subjects are arranged within nineteen menus from which you may select those most appropriate for a prospect, product customer or financial planning client.  Use within another plan, or as a separate paginated report.  A great tool for responding to website inquiries.

All of these tools are fully integrated and designed

to work seamlessly together in your practice.

These Articles transform Practice Builder into an automated "Drip Marketing" system, since Practice Builder matches them with cover letters into marketing sequences to maintain frequent, high-quality contact.  Turn hundreds or thousands of names into high caliber clients, using the unique Automated Marketing Module, which uses nurturing and relationship marketing techniques to instigate clients into giving you more referrals.

Marketing System - You cannot divorce your service of current clients from the acquisition of new ones, since referrals are proven to be the low-cost, high-quality path to building your client base.  You need the capabilities to cross sell all current clients, maintain frequent contact with Marketing Campaigns, E-mail Marketing, Global Applications, Invitations, Letters and Articles.  Practice Builder indicates the relationships between clients and their other advisors, and can automatically generate correspondence copies for them.  Using the optional Marketing Module, all your contacts can be addressed with information from the Resource Library at a frequency and sequence you determine. 

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We have developed a number of Add on Modules for Practice Builder Financial to expand its use and provide added value.  

  • Marketing Module an effective way increase the marketing, sales, and customer servicing capabilities to qualify prospects and retain customers with true "drip marketing" Turn prospects into high caliber clients by nurturing and building relationship.
  • Estate Planning Campaign developed for targeting the affluent individual. The letters reflect subtle language and the article selection are based on what might arouse their interest, without being too pushy. The idea is to nurture these prospects with letters and articles, interspersed with your newsletters (if you send them) and phone calls. You want to build a "Top of Mind Awareness" and link you and your firm with the solution to three critical concerns: simplifying estate administration, reducing taxes and transfer costs and increasing net spendable income. You can gradually phase in carefully selected lists, or simply start adding local names of persons living in affluent areas or who contribute large amounts to charities. Estate Planning Campaign is for use with our Marketing Module.
  • E-Mail Marketing Module enables you to select e-mail delivery for any Client or Prospect, in any Automatic Marketing Sequence.  It allows for the mix of regular and e-mail marketing with little change in operation.
  • OutLook Synchronization Module synchronize Practice Builder client/prospect data with your Microsoft Outlook contact data - or your existing Outlook contact data may now be synchronized with Practice Builder.  From Outlook you can sync with your PDA.
  • Seminar Module facilitate ongoing communication to your seminar attendees.  Provides advanced reminders with, letters, supplemental articles after each session and follow-up items for several months after the seminar or workshop is concluded.
  • Business Planning Module includes supplemental text and a structure to assist a closely held business (start-up or expanding) develop a formal business plan. 
  • Business Records Module includes corporate articles, by-laws, minutes and resolutions for closely held companies - useful for the advisor's firm or with small business clients.


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