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Client Builder is a presentation system for financial advisors that motivates the prospect to engage your services on your preferred basis. It is ideal for helping you charge a separate fee for the financial plan. A sample (editable) Plan Fee Schedule is included.

Client Builder is extremely consistent with receiving insurance and securities commissions — as well as portfolio management fees.

Client Builder uses Microsoft PowerPoint, with colorful high-impact graphics and psychologically tested text. phrases. You may present Client Builder using a laptop, desktop system, with a video projector or even have your edited slides printed and assembled in a desktop flipchart easel.

  • Dramatize your prospect’s immediate need for a comprehensive personal financial plan.
  • Establish the basis for requiring your professional help to create this plan.
  • Explain the steps in the personal financial planning process and why they need you.
  • Provide a due diligence record of what you agreed to perform — and charge.
  • Convey your offer of a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee — to motivate a quick decision.
  • Close the engagement of your services on a profitable Plan Fee plus commission basis.


Maximize your Long-Term Professional Income!

When financial planning developed in the early 1970s the pioneers offered to their prospective clients a comprehensive financial plan, generally receiving a substantial Plan Fee. They then helped clients implement that plan with insurance, investments, loans and portfolio services. Soon many were handling $50-$100 million of client investments. The same need for a written plan exists today, but many course graduates do not have a proven system for presenting the need, explaining the process and closing the engagement. They are qualified as advisors, but haven’t the tools to close the engagement. Veteran financial advisor, Ed Morrow, used Client Builder to close hundreds of engagements for millions in plan fees — plus product commissions.

Now you can use Client Builder — and gradually customize it for your market, your way of doing business and your unique qualifications. More new clients, properly secured, means more assets to manage and more high caliber referrals — the lifeblood of a growing, successful practice.

  • Three PowerPoint and many Word files. 
  • 50 + page booklet describing how to use and modify the presentation.
  • Sample letters, agendas, checklists and forms to secure a solid client relationship.
  • Customizable screens to insert your personal identification and credentials.

Presentation Suggestions

Complete instructions on how each of the 26 slides helps you close the fee-based relationship immediately.

Full Description Screens

These helps you initially deliver the presentation. Includes a complete script, which you can easily modify.


Bullet Description Screens

For quicker presentations after you are familiar with all of the slides, forms and the delivery script.

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