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The Future of the Advisors Profession

presented by our founder Ed Morrow

The financial planning profession has undergone three phases - the giant plan; fee-based portfolio management; distributions planning.  View Ed Morrow speaking on the next phase:  finally serving the mass of the market through smaller fee-based plans delivered within a more efficient consumer-oriented structure.



Edwin P. Morrow, CLU, ChFC, CFP®, CEP, RFC®

Known as "an advisor to financial advisors," Ed Morrow is a prolific author of three books and hundreds of articles on financial services practice management. He is also the designer of eight software programs that are used by over 4,000 financial planners, accountants and educators. Ed is a frequent presenter at national conferences of insurance companies and broker/dealers - on topics such as Strategic Marketing Solutions, Adding Fee-Based Income, Personal Coaching, Technology Applications and Web-Based Marketing and Client Relationship Marketing.


Financial Planning Consultants, is pleased to provide a Meeting Resource Guide of the services for your organization.

We can help with your next event. Experienced speakers Ed Morrow and David Stitt deliver exciting, interesting and productive sessions to groups of all sizes. As industry leading resources have Ed or David develop a unique perspective on how to achieve a competitive advantage in the financial services industry.


Financial Advisor Workshops

We have designed and presented many intensive training programs and would be pleased to develop custom formats for your organization.  The following previously held events might suggest a program or format to fit your current needs.  Workshops generally include an extensive workbook, supplemented with user files on a CD for immediate implementation by every participant. 


Practice Management “Super Charge” Workshop


An eight hour session that received rave reviews.  This workshop was produced for the IAFP to precede its annual meeting.  Originally scheduled as an intimate workshop, over 120 members paid $398 for this intensive program.  Included two diskettes plus a 7 section, 273 page manual.


Marketing for Advisors


A four hour workshop prepared for the Practice Management Institute of the ICFP that was attended by many industry leaders.  Many participants subsequently attributed major gains to the techniques learned in this workshop.


Image Building Workshop


An eight hour media relations and marketing workshop co-presented by a very experienced and widely published financial planner with a nationally recognized journalist/editor/media advocate.


Closing the Financial Planning Engagement


This was presented as a full-day session for IAFP – Australia in seven cities.  A shorter version was delivered to the Financial Planning Institute at Cambridge University, England.


Additional Presentations


How to Survive “Do Not Call”

  • Sensitivity to personal solicitation calls will remain high regardless of the outcome of challenges to the Federal Do Not Call list and your corresponding state lists.
  • How to build relationships of confidence and trust before you have a conversation.
  • What are the most effective alternative channels of communication?


Using Client Relationship Management (CRM)

  • Competitive pressures mandate new efficiencies in marketing and client retention.
  • How can you employ the same techniques now being used by Fortune 500 companies?
  • How to deliver the 15 to 28 Positive Impressions required to acquire the “Top of Mind Awareness” level research indicates is needed to acquire and retain affluent clients.
  • Understand how an “NCR Analysis” can energize your marketing activities and success.


Should You Be a “Trust Financial Advisor?”

  • New estate planning techniques to generate major revenue for your firm.
  • Building Win-Win-Win relationships into irrevocable and living trusts.
  • Why all clients’ trusts should include both a Trust Protector and a Trust Financial Advisor nominee and successor provision.
  • Learn how to avoid the proceeds of your clients’ life policies ending up in the insurance or investment offices of corporate trustees, with you left in the cold.


Making Your Website Pay Off       

  • Millions of “hits” don’t automatically contribute to your bottom line. 
  • How can you turn those hits into real, live prospects?
  • How to employ response mechanisms efficiently.


CRM and Business Reply Mail

  • Proven techniques that you can use to acquire new clients and offer new services.
  • Learn why “Time Magazine” sends 36 miles of reply cards every year.
  • How to inexpensively use reply cards to provide a steady flow of new clients.


Differentiation in Competitive Markets

  • SWOT Analysis that leads to a new marketing approach and effectiveness.
  • Are you perceived as stronger, faster, better, or more competent than your competition?
  • Preparing and activating your marketing plan as a financial advisor.


Practice Management

  • How to value your marketing plan and your time by using your NCR quotient.
  • Structure your advisory or estate planning practice for more productivity.
  • Use a Financial Counseling Process chart to improve profitability and acquire clients.
  • Increase your closing ratio and reduce your professional liability simultaneously.


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