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To maintain frequent professional contact with your clients and prospects takes a system that can be easily administered.  Learn how CRM will turn prospects into clients and clients into raving fans.


Addressing the Liabilities, Obstacles and Opportunities

Represented as Agents and Advisors Acquire New Clients

Participants will acquire deeper understanding of the legal aspects of the Client Engagement, such as when an agreement document is appropriate.  They will learn and how to manage the process, rather than allowing important steps to be omitted.


Satisfying the legal requirements of Engagements (from initial presentation, through plan delivery, into implementation) has significant implications whether or not the advice delivered is fee-based, comprehensive or modular.  How can you surpass the client’s expectations and reduce your professional liability exposure?  How can you use a Planning Process chart internally and externally?


Unlike many presentations that explore problems with how financial advisors and agents perform, this session will discuss and display the opportunities, actions and tools that can be used to immediately improve the process of client acquisition.


Financial Advisors Forum Presentation "Client Relationship Management," presented by Mark Terrett a regularly contributor to the Hands On Training sessions held monthly at the Financial Planning Consultants Middletown office. Mark also provides on-site training and consulting in client relationship management for financial advisors across the country. 

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