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Accomplish effective training with our web-based training for your comprehensive and solution needs. From techniques for customizing Builder Suite, to step-by-step instructions for getting the most from certain features.


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The web-based training will allow you to learn the full power of Plan Builder and Practice Builder with more convenience. Work one on one, together on the same computer with our trainers anywhere you have Internet access! Stay updated with new features, the web-based training will jump start on learning how to use the new features.


Our Builder Suite Support Team uses Go to Meeting. They are able to accomplish effective training without any of the travel hassles or headaches.


You never need to leave your office. You can see everything on your monitor and you're linked with us by the Go To Meeting Center. The requirements are modest:

Internet connection (high speed, broad-band works best) running the latest version of Internet Explorer

Voice phone line in addition to the computer line, preferably with speaker phone

Current Builder Support and Maintenance Agreement

Scheduled reservation for the Plan Builder Web Training


Practice Builder web training, exploring, interacting

This program fully involves you in the techniques and practice for the complete utilization of Practice Builder.

Learn how to use your powerful software program to:

  • Cover the latest features
  • Increase productivity
  • Manage Marketing campaigns
  • Explore the capabilities of Practice Builder
  • Harvest referrals

Plan Builder offers Comprehensive Personal Financial Planning web training country. 

These sessions will cover all elements of Comprehensive Financial Planning - from Client Engagement and Fact-Finding, Analysis and Projections, to Recommendations, Service and Monitoring. Learn how to use your powerful software program to:

  • Get information from prospects
  • Streamline data input
  • Solve client's needs in a matter of minutes as they watch!
  • Motivate clients to take action with a meaningful Financial Plan
  • Customize your own basic financial plan
  • Find out where the numbers come from
  • Learn about new features and flexibility, get your questions answered, and be a part of the future as we listen to your desires and needs for your financial planning operation

Live Webinars - Get the most out of Plan Builder 

Web-based Training is a Cost-Effective way to Learn!

Join one or all of our Plan Builder Live Webinars.  Veteran financial advisor, David Stitt will guide, and/or your staff through the elements of plan production, Plan Builder will help you sell the plan. Productivity depends on a number of factors. The motivation level of your employees is one of them. Have you taken the time to discover what truly motivates your employees? If you want to increase production - and what manger doesn't - it's time to consider getting your employees motivated about their work. More Details


For more information and Pricing Options please call 800.325.5540.  You may also email our Sales Associate Charlotte


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